In The Privacy! Shakira’s Unpublished Video With Anuel Aa What Will Piqué Think?


The singer continues to prepare the staging for the Super Bowl.

The fans of the Colombian Shakira, have been surprised to learn that the new theme of the same, is called “I like” and is a duet with the Puerto Rican Anuel AA.

Shakira managed to make the song a trend around the world and with only one week of its release, it is already the most listened to in Latin America. However, the artist has received numerous criticisms from her followers for having changed her musical genre.

The composer has shared through her personal Instagram account a video that was made during the recording of her most recent single.

The nostalgia of her followers has awakened when she saw the Colombian woman changing her look to a dark tone, which reminds her of its beginnings.

It is not yet known if the change is due to only something temporary that he did to accompany the promotion of the single or the singer has definitely decided to return to her roots.

In the video of the recording of the new song, Shakira is seen as the creative “brain” of the same and it appears next to Anuel AA while recording the first chorus of the single.

The artist has more than 60 million followers on her Instagram and the clip has already been reproduced more than 2 million times, without a doubt “I like it” has been a resounding success.