Lizbeth Rodríguez Worries Her Fans Having Been Bitten By “A Weirdo”

Lizbeth Rodríguez, Mexican youtuber

The Mexican YouTuber, Lizbeth Rodríguez, worried her millions of followers after she was bitten by “a weirdo” that caused several discomforts

Mexico City .- Through her official Instagram account,  Lizbeth Rodríguez showed the effects he had when he was bitten by an unknown insect on her left leg.

The YouTuber revealed that presented urticariafatigue, as well as pains in the stomach and heard, a situation that has led her to be reviewed by a doctor from a hospital in Nayarit.

Although Rodriguez initially claimed that her injury had been caused by a spider, hours later he explained that it was due to ” an unknown bug .”

My leg hurts a lot, like it’s burning me. They told me it wasn’t a spider bite as I thought, but they couldn’t tell me what the bug was. I will be in contact with the toxicologist to see how it evolves, “said the influencer.

I am feeling worse. Like my mouth and stomach ache started to hurt. I think I also need to rest, “he added.

The Youtuber indicated that the insect stung her during her stay in Tijuana and continued her activities in Nayarit. So far he has not reported more about her health status.