Patty López De La Cerda Captivates Her Fans With Her Dolly Parton Challenge

Patty López de la Cerda captivates her fans with her Dolly Parton Challenge

The sports presenter, Patty López de la Cerda, got on the Dolly Parton Challenge trend, stealing sighs from her fans

Mexico City.- The sports formerPatty López de la Cerda, rose to the trend of the Dolly Parton Challenge, in which it is about putting four images and ordering them in which social network you could.

LinkedinFacebookInstagram, and Tinder, are the four platforms on which you must place your photos, so when you see them you stole sighs when you can see her in a bathing suit.

I don’t have Tinder friends, it’s just an Internet game, I don’t have Linkedin either, but they sure do, ”he wrote.

At the moment, some of her most recent publications have 37,297 likes, in addition to almost 300 comments.