Scandal! Demi Moore Confesses The Worst Of Her Past, It’s Scary!

Demi Moore

The actress has decided to tell all her secrets.

One of the actresses who marked the screens in the 90s was Demi Moore, who broke the schemes just in the last ten years of the twentieth century and was forever in the cinematic memory of those times.

However, Demi was surprised to say that she went through a past full of shadows and addictions that marked her.

The protagonist of “Ghost ” decided to tell everything in an autobiography entitled “Inside Out. My story ”, tells the painful moments he went through during her childhood.

The actress confessed, to everyone’s surprise, that she was sexually abused by a man, who according to her story, received a significant sum of money from her own father.

The American reveals that she succumbed to the vices of alcohol and drugs, where she specified that she was addicted to cocaine. He also gave details of how her life was next to actor Bruce Willis and her relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher.

In the United States, Demi’s autobiographical book has become a bestseller, ranking first. The pages full of confessions undoubtedly bring one of the stars of American cinema down to earth.

The 57-year-old actress defines herself as a Phoenix capable of resurfacing from her own ashes and overcoming a past that was full of abuse, pain, and addiction to drugs and alcohol.