Tremendous Scandal! Rihanna Shares A Photo She Will Regret. What Happened To Her?


A very unflattering look puts the artist in the eye of the hurricane.

The singer Rihanna has been characterized by being avant-garde when it comes to dressing, mixing different trends, colors and shapes, transgressing all the norms and stereotypes imposed by fashion.

Often, the interpreter of “Umbrella” surprises her followers with risky looks proving to be a very self-confident person who enjoys constant changes.

However, on some occasions, her explosive way of being has crossed the limits of the unthinkable and many times Rihanna’s inventions have not ended so well.

These days, the artist born in Barbados has been attacked again by a photo of the past, in which she does not show her best version and this has transcended to the media.

Apparently, Rihanna would have dared to upload an image to her Instagram account in which she looks very unfavored, as she shows herself with a very poorly achieved afro and a very dark outfit.

Although the photo is part of an advertising campaign, the negative comments were swift, with which many say that the singer of “Diamonds” could regret sharing it.

However, the fame in influence achieved by Rihanna exceeds any mistake the artist may have made, and her millions of fans confirm it.