Karla Souza Forgets Shyness And Uncovers With Sexy Photo In Lingerie

The 34-year-old Mexican actress, Karla Souza

As few dares to do so, Karla Souza showed herself with little clothes on her Instagram account, where she shared a snapshot in which she boasts her curves and lingerie, which surprised her fans

The actress Karla Souza is not one of the celebrities who spend her teaching her attributes in social networks, because she prefers to publish things more focused on fashion and her working life.

It is not common to see her in sexy or daring mode, but this weekend she uncovered a bit on Instagram and was seen in an image where she wears a set of sensual lingerie in brown.

The photograph did not go unnoticed, as it surprised its more than 3.9 million followers, who did not hesitate to leave hundreds of positive messages to the 34-year-old artist.