Kim Kardashian’s Image Comes Out In Pajamas And With Friends Tremendous Party!

Kim Kardashian

A photo of the past reveals an unknown side of the celebrity.

If Kim Kardashian can say anything, it is that her influence on social networks has no point of comparison with any other artist, exceeding the limits of the unthinkable.

Often her private life is exposed on the Internet, while Kardashian far from affecting him, seems to enjoy the consequences of her fame and be one of the media of her family.

The Californian businesswoman often shares part of her memories on her Instagram account and these days she surprised with an unpublished postcard.

In the aforementioned photograph, Kim appears portrayed with three girls looking a few years younger, while having fun in a very particular way.

Kanye West’s wife and her best friends are in pajamas lying on a sofa, while their faces betray their pranks.

“I remember well tonight … New Year’s Eve 1999 about to be 2000. We thought the world was going to end, so we were in pajamas just in case,” you can read in the Kardashian’s publication.

The image has generated various types of comments on social networks, which once again demonstrates the power and influence of Kim Kardashian