At 45, Luz Elena González Sports ‘Infarct’ Figure With Sensual Bikini

Luz Elena González, famous actress

The famous 45-year-old actress, Luz Elena González, wore her figure of ‘heart attack’ with a sensual white bikini 

Mexico City.-  This weekend  Luz Elena González traveled to  Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, to be present at the wedding of a great friend and also took the opportunity to delight her fans with spicy photos.

Through her Instagram account, the actress showed that at 45 she still has a spectacular silhouette and showed off wearing a sensual white bikini.

Luz Elena’s photo fell in love with her followers, who filled the publication with almost 40,000  likes and dozens of spicy comments.

What a beautiful woman”.

You are very beautiful and unique. “

What a great body. “