Attentive! Salma Hayek Exceeds With A Miniskirt That Leaves Her In Evidence Zoom To The Photo!

Salma Hayek

Its voluptuous attributes put the Mexican star in trouble.

The talented Mexican actress, Salma Hayek, who has managed to overcome barriers until she is recognized as a Hollywood star, knows very well how to make use of her resources to stay current in the competitive environment.

Although throughout her career he has had to face several obstacles, Hayek has shown that sustained work and self-confidence have earned him the recognition of her audience.

Being Latin and not fitting into the stereotypes imposed by society, for which it is mistakenly believed that only people of great stature and very thin print can succeed on the big screen, Salma has not had it easy.

However, the actress of “Frida” has shown that neither the language nor the superficialities can overshadow her talent and even less detract from her curvy body, whose dazzling measures are proudly presumed.

Her Instagram account has become a gallery in which he constantly shares her day to day, managing to keep her followers active, who do not lose track of the Mexican actress for a second.

To start the week on the right foot, Salma has shared a photo in which he looks a few years younger while a compromising angle shows a little beyond what is due.

The Mexican star is portrayed sitting on the counter of a kitchen, wearing a white mini skirt that manages to draw attention to the attention of cough, because when zooming, let’s see something more than her turned legs.