Is The Friendship Over? Elsa Pataky Talked About The Breakup Of Liam And Her Former Sister-in-law, Miley Cyrus

Elsa Pataky

The actress expressed herself after the scandalous separation of Liam Hemsworth.

During the happiest time between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky had become one of her brother-in-law’s couple’s best friends. In fact, both have shared many things.

As proof of that friendship that the Spanish actress built with Cyrus, both got a tattoo in 2016, where they added a new and identical drawing to their skin, a small wave.

But recently, Elsa Pataky expressed herself saying that she does not regret having done that tattoo, despite being disappointed by how the singer acted with her brother-in-law, Liam Hemsworth.

The truth is that this tattoo was one of the biggest tests of how integrated Miley Cyrus was in the family of the Hemsworth brothers. And the Spanish model expressed herself saying: “I don’t regret any tattoo. They are symbols, I love having them and they remind me of moments. ”

The Australian artist Lauren Wenzel was in charge of making this tattoo to Elsa, Miley and two other friends of them. The same tattoo artist was the one who shared the image of the drawings that the four carried.

After the scandalous separation between Miley and Liam, Elsa Pataky was very disappointed with her friend and talked about how Liam felt: “My brother-in-law, well… after a relationship to which you have dedicated ten years, he is sad. But he gets along well, he’s a strong boy and deserves the best, I think he deserves much more. ”

On the other hand, Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth were married in December 2010, when Miley and Liam were just beginning their relationship. This is why Elsa and Miley’s friendship went beyond their sister-in-law role.