Video: The New Adele? Frida Sofía Hits When Singing ‘Rolling In The Deep’

Frida Sofia, singer and model

The young singer, Frida Sofía, hit all Instagram by singing Adele’s hit song Rolling in the deep

Mexico City.- Frida Sofía continues to show that she inherited all the talent for singing from her famous mother,  Alejandra Guzmán, as well as her grandfather,  Enrique Guzmán.

On this occasion, the 28-year-old impressed all her Instagram followers by publishing a video in which she appears singing the hit song  Rolling in the deep.

Frida’s followers assured that her voice is almost as spectacular as Adele’s own and immediately began to flatter her, in addition to asking her to release a new single.

If you sing in English you will become super famous. “

You go up Frida. “

It’s time for you to release new songs. “