What Are You Planning? Kim Kardashian Prepares A Big Surprise For The Super Bowl

Kim Kardashian

The businesswoman could not hide her emotion.

Thanks to her intelligence, Kim Kardashian managed to ally herself with the big international brands and earn millions of dollars instantly, which made her one of the most millionaire American businesswomen in the world, proving that she is not just a face and a beautiful body.

Now, the most famous of the Kardashian sisters, she brings something up her sleeve when working on a project with one of the best music stars.

Kim was seen walking shoulder to shoulder with her greatest inspiration, 73-year-old singer Cher. Both were seen in Los Angeles wearing very peculiar black outfits and strange wigs.

Everything indicates that the model is also fulfilling one of her dreams, which is to carry out a project with her idol Cher.

The filtered images show the singer and the businesswoman, walking like two rock stars, as they head towards some motorcycles.

Speculation has not taken long to leave, and on social networks, it is already rumored that Kardashian and Cher are recording something last minute for the Super Bowl that will take place next Sunday, February 2.

Both are successful women in everything they do, and for this reason, the result of the work they are doing is eagerly awaited.