With Only 26 Years, Yuya Is Among The 10 Women With More Money From Mexico

Yuya, famous youtuber and influencer

The famous YouTuber, Yuya is among the 10 women with more money from Mexico despite her young age

Mexico  City.- Mari and Castrejón Castañeda, known internationally as  Yuya, managed to place herself among the 10 women with the most money in Mexico despite her young age, 26 years.

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Estoy segura que tú explotaste mi corazón.

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The business magazine,  High Level, made a count in which it includes 10 richest and most enterprising women in Mexico and the famous YouTuber is ranked number 8.

Yuya became famous when making home videos for YouTube in 2009 and in a short time became a star of virtual entertainment.

Likewise, a couple of years ago she created her makeup line,  Dancing Together, and that helped her position herself better in social networks because all the girls wanted to use their products.

On Instagram alone, Yuya has more than 15 million followers who are pending their publications every day.

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Hoooolaaaaaaa, cómo va todo por tus rumbos?

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