After Changing ‘Look’, Danna Paola Uploads Sensual Video And Let’s See Her Front

Danna Paola, Mexican singer and actress

Danna Paola is without a doubt a singer and actress who gives what to talk about, both for her talent and for her controversial life, now it was her change of ‘look’ that is on everyone’s lips

Mexico City .- The Mexican singer, Danna Paola surprised with her change of ‘ look ‘ during Sunday’s concert at La Academia

In the broadcast, she appeared with short hair and a large neckline in a green outfit, the opinions of her change were divided, as many said she was doing well, that she looked more professional and beautiful and others that the new style was a bit forced.

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That was not all because the Mala Fama interpreter posted a video while she put on makeup in front of the mirror so she showed her front.