After Criticism And Memes, Ninel Conde Reveals Why Her Face Is ‘Deformed’

Ninel Conde, Mexican actress and singer

After being a victim of criticism and memes, Ninel Conde decided to respond to them and revealed why her face is ‘deformed’

The acclaimed  ‘Bombón Asesino’,  Ninel Conde, used her Instagram account to respond to her detractors after being a victim of memes and harsh criticism as it was speculated that a new surgery would have been done on her face.

The famous actress and singer flatly denied a new ‘arrangement’ and said that her face looked ‘deformed’ because she recorded a video without the necessary resources, there was no lighting or good quality of the recording.

Ninel also explained that she was using an injected medicine that caused him to retain fluids and therefore her face appeared quite inflamed.

It’s called diprospan that has cortisone that retains fluids and swells … then everything coincided, “said Ninel.

The ‘Bombón Murdero’ said that he does not care about the opinion of the ‘haters’ and decided to respond because people he wants were worried and ended with a strong message.

And if he had done what to me, it is my face. Someday if I want, I will do it because it is my body, it is my face and it is what I feel like. “