Barbara De Regil, Proud Of The Stretch Marks Of Her Breasts: “I Love Them”

The popular actress and model, Barbara de Regil and her daughter

The controversial Barbara of Regil took her sentimental side and through an Instagram story said she loves the stretch marks of her breasts that left her pregnancy, more than 15 years ago

The actress of Rosario TijerasBarbara de Regil, shared a story on her Instagram account in which she proudly shows the stretch marks of her breasts to prove that she is not perfect and that she is accredited as she is.

In the image, the famous 32-year-old says she loves her eyes, her mouth, and her stretch marks. On previous occasions, she has ensured that those marks on her breasts remind him of when she was pregnant with her only daughter, Mar Alexa, 15 years old.

In recent months the fitness trainer has unleashed teasing and criticism for lashing out at toxic people and against junk food. She has also been labeled as self-centered for always focusing her speeches around her and her achievements.

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Gracias Barbara ♥️ Gracias por ser tan paciente contigo , Gracias por siempre dar todo de ti para ser mejor , Para aprender y crecer ?? Gracias por Amarte tanto y Amar tanto a quien te rodea ?? Gracias por aprender de lo malo , por que si sufres ! pero también te levantas ✨ y no solo eso floreces ? Aprendes ??Siempre un poco más ?? Gracias ??Gracias ?? por ser Tan fuerte ✨ por siempre querer tomar la mejor decisión para ser más feliz ? Gracias también por poner tu corazón en cada cosa q haces … trabajo , redes , familia , gimnasio , comida , fans y sobre todo poner el corazón entero en TI ♥️???? TE AMO • Un año mas 2019 ?? MAS FUERTE Y FELIZ atte: Bárbara de Regil ?#barbaraderegil #2019 #2019goals

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