Cristiano Ronaldo Pays Georgina Rodríguez For Being Her Partner !?

Georgina Rodríguez

Argentina receives a monthly payment from the Portuguese star.

Having an important reputation in her field as a model and being the couple of one of the highest-paid soccer players in the world such as Cristiano Ronaldo, it is assumed that Georgina Rodriguez would not lack anything.

In addition to all this, the news has transpired, that the quoted model, her partner, gives her monthly extra money to assume that she is not even needing to touch his.

Since they began the relationship, Cristiano has been giving a “salary” or support to Georgina who is undoubtedly enjoying the beauty.

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Currently, CR7 earns approximately 32 million euros a year, without counting the profits from sponsorships generated by the Portuguese that would raise its annual earnings approximately to the incredible figure of 100 million euros.

Rodriguez apparently receives from the Juventus player, between 50 thousand and 100 thousand euros per month (55 thousand and 110 thousand dollars), this is an amount apart from the salary she receives for being a model.

Undoubtedly, it is a noble gesture of the 5-time winner of the Golden Ball, to take care of Georgina, who without counting her talent and fees for her work, at her young age already enjoys an assured fortune.

In this way, Argentina should only worry about continuing to reap success in the fashion world and continue being an “excellent mother” as described by the player himself in her latest Instagram post.