Divine! This Is What Biby Gaytán Looked Like Before Getting Married

Biby Gaytán

The actress has one of the most beloved families in the entertainment world.

Silvia Gaytán grew up among artists, and the most logical thing was that she also took that path when she had the opportunity. Her brother is Chacho Gaytán, a member of “Opposite Senses”, but he is not the only one who has talent in the family.

“Biby” began her career in the Timbiriche group, and her popularity among the fans made her one of the favorites for everyone. But that’s not all since later she wanted to try her luck as an actress.

So much so that she managed to participate in multiple novels of the Televisa company: “Reach for a star”, “Dance with me”, “Two women, one way” among others. Everyone loved her!

At the beginning of her artistic career, the professional ballet dancer also projected a jovial and very attractive image, and little by little she became one of the most revered artists in Mexico.

But once she married her colleague Eduardo Capetillo, with whom she has fathered nothing more and no less than 5 children, she went from being a sensual bomb to becoming one of the most beloved mothers on television.

However, the 48-year-old star still boasts a great figure, and that is evident every time he goes on stage: he knows very well how to steal the breath of each of her fans.

Biby Gaytán is starring in “Chicago: El Musical”, a production that has been widely accepted in Mexico City thanks to her talent, and that of her stage partner, María León.