It’s Huge! Rihanna Surprises Everyone With A Very Particular Object. Where Does She Keep It?


So are the singer’s trips.

Although she has not set foot on the stage since 2018, Rihanna has not remained idle and in recent years she has established himself in the fashion world.

With its own newly created brand, Rihanna has shaken the competition with her makeup and clothing products.

The designer has never feared to innovate in any aspect she faces, and this is what she has done in this industry where she is demonstrating all her creativity with the outfits she wears.

Appearing with a look of Dior, the most listened singer of all time, swept her arrival at the New York airport.

But what has truly attracted the attention of those present and especially the paparazzi, has been the suitcase that the artist carried, which was transparent and showed everything inside.

As usual in the composer, she saw herself walking very safely in front of the cameras that were stunned by the exclusive piece that developed an important German brand.

Rihanna, who is also an actress, makes it clear that she is always willing to take a step beyond the others to achieve a sensation within any market she wants to conquer.