New Gallant? ‘Gomita’ Boasts Spectacular Bouquet Of Roses She Received

'Gomita', famous driver and clown

Through her Instagram account, the beloved clown, ‘Gomita’, boasted a spectacular bouquet of roses she received

This Tuesday, January 28,  Araceli Ordaz, better known as  Gomita, surprised her social media fans by presuming that she had received a huge bouquet of roses and many speculated that it was a new heartthrob.

Through her Instagram account , the beloved clown posted a photo in which she appears holding a spectacular arrangement with pink, red and yellow flowers.

Although several of her fans believed that the new ‘Gomita’ heartthrob was the one who had given them to her, she denied it herself and confessed that it is not necessary for anyone to give her flowers because she can buy them herself.

If nobody sends you flowers, what do you expect to send them to YOU? “, Wrote the conductor.

Several users were relieved to learn that ‘Gomita’ remains single and did not miss the opportunity to shoot compliments.

I was already scared, you love ‘Goma’. “

You look so beautiful”.

You are very right”.

Power Girl”.

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Todo regresa a la normalidad ?

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