Ninel Conde Responds To Criticisms Of Her Surgeries: “Pay No Attention To Black Voices”

Ninel Conde, Mexican actress and singer

In the last image of her Instagram account, Ninel Conde left a strong message to all the people who have criticized him for her plastic surgeries

Mexico City .- After the controversial criticisms that have rained Ninel Conde for the operations, she has undergone and have said she looks unrecognizable, the Mexican singer responded with an image and a message on her Instagram account.

In the snapshot, you can see Ninel walking in the streets of Miami Beach with high trousers and a blouse tied up, but what surprised was the overwhelming message that she left to all the comments she has been told about her physical changes: 

Do not listen to black voices, go your way, God has a purpose in your life, believe him. He is the only one who could judge you and does not; he is merciful and he loves you as you are .. smile he loves you ”, wrote the ‘Assassin Bombón’