“This Is How It Is Done”: Michelle Renaud Is Shown To ‘Total Nude’

Michelle Renaud

The talented actress, Michelle Renaud, shared through her stories on Instagram how to make a total nude for television, showing herself as the example

The talented and famous actress, Michelle Renaud, through her stories on Instagram showed the public how to perform a total nude on television, she even showed herself as an example for the demonstration.

Renaud for the show wears a tight bra and tiny nude short color, which hints that she has no clothes and thanks to the postproduction team, the public does not notice those little details that show that she is not completely naked. 

In the image, the actress also left a message to reflect that although it appears on television does not mean that it is true and even in reality there are already ways to be able to fool the eye. 

Not everything is what it seems on TV, or in life. “

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