‘La Bebeshita’ Boasts Her Flat Abdomen From The ‘Falling In Love’ Forum

'La Bebeshita' boasts her flat abdomen from the 'Falling in love' forum

Falling in love with Daniela Alexis, better known as ‘La Bebeshita’, during the evening program recordings

The Enamorándonos participant, Daniela Alexis, better known as ‘ La Bebeshita ‘, showed off her flat abdomen from the forums of the Azteca TV program

In the snapshot, the celebrity is seen in a baggy dress, which only exposes the part of her belly.

My face when they tell me that there are no shepherd tacos anymore, ”he wrote.

In less than five hours her last post has six thousand 374 likes, as well as almost 100 comments, where they perceive good fan interactions.