Video: The ‘Climate Girl’ Honduran Models Infamous Bikini From Her Home

The sensual Honduran driver, Daniela Servellón

As usual, the popular presenter, Daniela Servellón, wasted sensuality through her Instagram because she shared bold footage in which she shows herself with very little clothes

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- Through her Instagram account, the sensual conductor Daniela Servellón also known as the ‘Climate Girl’, showed off her figure with a sexy bikini.

This is a video in which the fitness model also shows her body care with a tiny orange swimsuit that made her loyal fans nervous.

Daniela, 23, also posed for her more than 697 thousand followers with a daring black miniskirt that showed her turned legs.

Allow yourself to be proud of you and all the progress you have made. Especially for the progress that no one else can see, “the Honduran wrote.