With Sexy And Tight Miniskirt, Ingrid Coronado Sports Her Shapely Legs

Ingrid Coronado, successful driver

While wearing a sensual and tight miniskirt, Ingrid Coronado stole sighs from her Instagram fans

Mexico City.-  The beloved conductor and writer,  Ingrid Coronado, again showed that at 45 she is still one of the most beautiful women in the show.

Through her Instagram account, the former member of  Venga la Alegría published a  Boomerang in which she appears posing reloaded on the wall while wearing an elegant black blouse as well as a sensual and tight miniskirt that showed her turned legs.

The short recording was filled with dozens of flattery and affection for Ingrid, in addition to the fact that it already has more than 117,000 reproductions.

I live in love with you. “

You look very pretty. “

You are like wine, the years go by and you are more good. “