Claudia Lizaldi Responds to Those Who Criticize Her on the Subject of the Presidential Plane

The actress and conductor, Claudia Lizaldi

The driver after receiving attacks for her defense of the presidential plane raffle “Never shut up, be told a thousand times stupid, crazy, be insulted, throw stones at you,” she said

Mexico City.- Actress Claudia Lizaldi is not willing to remain silent despite attacks or teasing for her statements, she expressed it on her social networks after several users criticized her for her support of the presidential plane raffle of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. 

With a photograph in which she appears relaxed, the host expressed on Instagram that life is not more beautiful if you keep silent for fear of what they will say. 

Never shut up, be told a thousand times stupid, crazy, insult you, throw stones at you, want to move you, dare to judge you and hate you if you want, but don’t shut up . Life does not live prettier those who are silent, no. Insult me ​​and do it again, you will never get that street, because I am not afraid to be and do what I have to do, I am not afraid that you will not agree with me . “

Lizaldi said she was willing to be described as stupid or crazy because the important thing for her is to express what is thought regardless of whether the other does not agree. 

I learned the most important thing in this life to be me and love what I have left over, what I need and follow, and love like this, and dance like this and always smile like that, it’s called freedom and nobody will come to give it to you, that it is a personal victory after a million battles in silence with you, do not belong, do not do what everyone does, do not be part of a sick group, go and dance your madness, smile and continue, always like this, always you. “