He Is in Trouble! Daddy Yankee’s Daughter Uncovered and Showed Her Huge Curves

Jesaaelys Ayala González

The young makeup artist began to be much lighter in clothes.

In recent times, Daddy Yankee’s daughter began to wreak havoc on social networks and, really, she can no longer do anything about it, so she can avoid it.

With a career on the rise, the young makeup artist shows that her talent is next to the brushes. Such is the case that she herself is the model of her styles.

But, since Jesaaelys Ayala González decided to change her eating habits and implement a strict training regime, the model had a very resounding change in her image.

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De esas que nunca puse ? #mirrorselfie

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As usual, the influencer sets a trend with every outfit that is tested, and his attitude overflows everywhere. This is why now, everyone wants to dress like her.

Whether by chance or not, the famous reggaeton singer chose not to comment on the publications made by the makeup artist, unlike other parents who are aware of what their daughters do.

Apparently this is not the style of “Big Boss”, and it is quite clear that she maintains an excellent relationship with Jesaaelys Ayala González.

In addition, one of the lessons that the young model always remembers in each interview is that Daddy Yankee taught him, since childhood, to fight for her dreams with effort and own work, without resorting to her father.