"I knew what I was doing": Dua Lipa in the face of attacks by throwing tickets at dancers

“I Knew What I Was Doing”: Dua Lipa in the Face of Attacks by Throwing Tickets at Dancers

The famous singer, Dua Lipa, has recently been the target of strong attacks against her for the video that shows her throwing tickets to dancers at the Grammy 2020 after-party, before what has been pronounced with a message on social networks

United States.-  The famous singer, Dua Lipa, through her Instagram account, sent a resounding response to all her attackers for the video in which she is seen throwing tickets to dancers who arrested him in the Grammy 2020 after-party

On January 26 the Grammy ceremony was held, after this several artists, such as Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes went to the party organized by the company to celebrate the triumphs and encourage those who failed to win, but others like Dua, Rosalia and Lizzo chose to go somewhere else. 

Lipa in the message clarified that Lizzo invited her to a club in which girls dance in tubes in exchange for money, where she was recorded by throwing cash at a couple of women who were chasing her, and she agreed to go and gave them money to support them since it’s her way of making a living and she knew exactly what she was doing. 

@lizzobeeating invited us to Crazy Girls to celebrate her Grammy Awards and knew exactly what she had to do. Support your local girl gang, “Dua wrote.

To make matters worse, the Scared To Be Lonely interpreter next to the message shared a photo of her sticking out her tongue with a small black bag full of bills and a few in her hand. 

Clearly, this image was taken while the artist was at the party, what is known for the costumes she carries, in addition to the tickets and her surroundings, among which it is appreciated to see her partner, Anwar Hadid

In just two hours the publication has received 767 thousand 888 likes and thousands of comments in support of the singer’s message in which she suggests that having given money to the dancers is support. 

You know the vibes. ” 


Hell yes, queen. ” 

I love your energy. ” 

Yes mom Dua. ” 

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