He Got Fed up With Everyone! Hailey Baldwin Reveals That She Has a Disease and Faced Her Haters

Hailey Baldwin

The model explained that she suffers from Ectrodactyly and what it is about.

In recent days, Hailey Baldwin unleashed a controversy on Instagram, after having published some stories to talk about a disease that affects the fingers of her hand.

After Justin Bieber’s wife has confessed that she suffers from “Ectrodactyly,” she became the direct target of many who have decided to harass her and humiliate her for the defect of her fingers.

In one of the stories,  Hailey Baldwin  began to explain the following: “Okay, the time has come for us to talk about my little finger, because this is something I’ve always laughed at myself and maybe it’s okay to tell at once why is it so crooked, “while pointing out that defect in its publication.

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Minutes later, the successful model published another story again. On this occasion, she shows the screenshot of a Wikipedia article, which talked about “Ectrodactyly.”

With this, the 23-year-old model wanted to affirm that: “What I have is called ectrodactyly, a genetic disease that I have for a lifetime, which causes my fingers to be this rare.”

Thus, Hailey Baldwin wanted to ask people to stop asking about her little finger. In addition, she published another text-only image that said don’t humiliate her anymore.

The truth is that all this was generated after the documentary of her husband Justin Bieber was released, where you could see the defect that has the model in her little finger.