It’s Her? Rihanna Looks as Unrecognizable as Hot a Radical Change!


The singer gave her life a spin.

Rihanna’s change is so surprising that at first glance it looks like another person. In fact, if it wasn’t for tattoos, nobody would recognize her.

Following the launch of her new underwear line, the singer decided to make a photo production as hot as new.

While the fashion designer has an otherwise appealing figure, this time is not what really attracts attention.

The striking thing is in color and in the type of hair the businesswoman looks. A very distant style from the black curls to which we are accustomed.

On this occasion, to accompany the tones of the underwearRihanna posed with straight hair, short to the shoulders and soft lilac.

We assume that it is a wig, although if you take into account the rebellious and daring personality of the singer, it could well be a new look change.

However, the important thing is that this new Rihanna postcard generates tachycardia at first glance and forces her to see it over and over and over again.