Possessed by a Strange Demon! Britney Spears Arches and Writhes … This Ends Badly!

Britney Spears

The diva is obsessed with doing yoga.

Britney Spears seems to be trapped by social networks and cannot leave. Despite the fame, she obtained 20 years ago, when she won the nickname of the  Princess of Pop, the singer has not yet managed to give her career a new course.

The scandals, the health problems, and the disputes with her family moved Britney away from the scenes in such a way that she even doubts that she will be the same star that knew how to compete with the leadership of nothing more or nothing less than Madonna.

Perhaps the judicial fight that the singer keeps to get emancipated from the guardianship of her parents, forces her to move away from everything and wait for her freedom to resume her career.

However, the Princess of Pop still does not seem ready to return to the international close-ups of music. In fact, the last times she tried it did not yield the fruits she expected.

Despite that, Britney keeps her fans’ love intact and thanks to them she has managed to become a true influencer.

To the delight of her more than 23 million followers, the interpreter of “Baby one more time”  usually uploads all kinds of postcards and videos about her life, and although she no longer has the figure of 20 years ago, she is encouraged to always show herself with scantily clad.

As an example of this is the last video that the artist uploaded, and in which she is seen enjoying a yoga routine that does not lack certain funny touches. Off the stage, Britney seeks to gain strength in the networks and in a few years, perhaps, will again dazzle the world.