Victim of Beauty! Colombian Model Almost Lost Her Sight After Cosmetic Procedure

Laura González Díaz

The young woman is in treatment to recover vision.

Laura González Díaz rose to fame in 2017, thanks to her participation in the “Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele” program.

The Colombian model wanted to share with her followers the terrible consequences she suffered after an aesthetic procedure.

She reported that she suffered an incident that caused her to go to emergencies, and for which she almost lost her vision. Poor!

The young brunette said she made use of a product that would help her grow her eyelashes, and that it is easy to get at the cosmetic stores.

Laura said that, at the time of applying it, she began to feel burning in her eyes, but thinking that “it was nothing serious”, she decided to go to bed without knowing what would happen the day after!

“I got up and continued doing my normal life. But as I started with my routine, I began to see blurry and my eye began to tear. There I got scared, ”commented the TV presenter. However, she decided to buy some droplets and inject them for pain.

“Do not self-medicate please, it is the worst thing you can do,” said Laura Gonzalez on the verge of crying, remembering that her bad decision could have cost her the vision.

In fact, when she came to the emergency room, the doctor who treated her told him that the cornea of ​​the eye was destroyed, and therefore she is undergoing treatment to amend the damage done.