Food Moisture Analyzer: How LOD (Loss On Drying) Method Works And Type Of Units


Food Moisture Analyzer: are those which mixed high quality and resistant construction into a sleek, compact design. The moisture analyzer run according to the thermo-gravimetric principle, also often mentioned as the (Loss On Drying) LOD.  The Moisture analyzer has two components named as Balanced Unit and Healing Unit. The method behind in measuring moisture is LOD (loss On Drying).

How LOD (Loss On Drying) Method Works-  In this process, the moisture analyzer weighs a sample then heat it up till then the sample becomes dry. The normal relatively laboratory method is slow as compared to this advanced automated moisture analyzer. The main useful thing about automated moisture analyser is that it saves plenty of time.

Types Of Moisture Analyzer :

  1. High-Performance Moisture Analyzer 
  2. Solid All-Purpose moisture Analyzer 
  3. Basic Moisture Analyzer 
  4. Smartcal Test Substance 

High-Performance Moisture Analyzer – Gives the highest fulfilling measuring performance and also the compliance needs.  The Very accurate and repeatable results for any sample type.

Solid All-Purpose moisture Analyzer – A very smart compact design works for both laboratory and production. Options like user-guided and touchscreen are also available. Suitable for a variety of samples and gives the best results.

Basic Moisture Analyzer – Ideal for anyone working on a tight budget, but still requires reliable a very much good result Basic Moisture Analyzer is a must to watch out.

Smartcal Test Substance – Smartcal Test Substance works as a test substance ensures trusted moisture results by verifying the performance of your moisture analyzer.

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