Scarlett Johansson Prepares a Big Surprise for Her Fans. They Won’t Be Able to Believe It!

Scarlett Johansson

If confirmed, the actress must demonstrate her singing skills.

Much has been said in recent days, about the possibility of making a remake of the famous 80’s musical “La Tiendita del Horror”, and already the name of actress Scarlett Johansson is playing loudly to appear in it.

The film would already be in the development phase with Johansson as one of its main stars, all according to the Full Circle Cinema report.

“La Tiendita del Horror” was released in 1987 and tells the story of a florist named Seymour, who, finding a plant from space, uses her own blood to feed it.

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The actor Taron Egerton, would be responsible for giving life, this according to Full Circle Cinema; Scarlett would be in charge of playing Audrey, a particular woman that Seymour is madly in love with.

Similarly, it is said that the remake of the famous musical in which the actress could participate, would be directed by Greg Berlanti in addition to anticipating that the voice of the space plant would be that of Billy Porter.

The question arises when taking a look at the character that Johansson would play and if she could adapt because that character would require him to sing, dance and show other skills.

However, the one that was “Black Widow”, has already had performances where she has had to sing, such as her interpretation in the film “History of a Marriage” or in “The Jungle Book.” For now there is nothing confirmed but, would you like to see the actress participating in this remake?