They Are Very Big! Nicki Minaj Launches a New Video in Which Her Attributes Overflow

Nicki Minaj

The artist born in Trinidad sweeps with the number of views on YouTube.

Singer Nicki Minaj, who had remained low profile for some time, has returned all the way to the forefront of music with a new material that has revolutionized the world of the internet.

This is the release of the video for her single “Nice to meet ya”, with which she has shaken all her fans after teaching her enormous attributes shamelessly.

It is no secret to anyone that Nicki is recognized for causing controversy with her risky personality, so it is not surprising that she often exceeds her limits.

Such is the case of the aforementioned video clip that is already available on the Youtube platform and with which the artist born in Trinidad, has left her fans with her mouth open.

In the audiovisual, the rapper is wearing a very small top that is not enough to hold the enormity of her front train, so her “girls” seem to have a life of their own.

With her infamous body movements, the “Tusa” interpreter also challenges the camera while showing off her curvy rear guard.

The production in which Nicki Minaj also shares a duet with singer Meghan Trainor, adds a few hours after having come to light, the important sum of more than 3 million views, so it is already considered a resounding success.