Beyoncé’s Terrible Past Returns to Torment Her. Remember?


The American shined but went viral on the networks.

Today a new Super Bowl will be held, for this reason, they already begin to remember all the artists that have appeared at halftime, one of those artists was Beyoncé, who will not be able to forget her time in the event in 2013.

And it is that the singer despite having looked with the show she offered, will always be remembered for the faces she made with her face during the event that were recorded in the lenses of the photographers.

These photos of Beyoncé, at the time quickly became memes that filled all the digital platforms and just now they have reappeared.

The artist delighted all those present interpretings her most famous songs, but she made the audience delirious when at a certain moment she managed to reunite her former group, Destiny’s Child.

To the bad fortune of the dancer, only a second of that presentation was enough to become the mockery of millions in the networks, all because of a grimace that was embodied for posterity.

Although no one doubts the incredible talent of the American, who in each staging prints unique energy, it is clear that it only takes a moment to change the impact on the public.

The artist, 7 years later, continues to shine with her own light and has even created her own line, Ivy Park, which is having incredible success, but what she can never erase are the memes that are reappearing.