How Does Rihanna Look so Beautiful? Your Stylist Revealed All the Secrets


The artist has created her own makeup line.

Not only has she been successful in the music industry for her successful singles, but Rihanna has also earned a reputation as a fashionista thanks to the outfits with which she goes to the red carpet.

And it is that the singer usually dazzles on the red carpet were on more than one occasion she has won the title of best dressed of the night.

With unique hairstyles and makeup, Rihanna has always managed to stand out above the other artists she usually shares.

A few days ago, Hector Espinal, who is her personal stylist, has revealed all the secrets that the actress also goes through to be able to wear those looks that always give what to talk about.

“It is applied very well, putting it in the shape of a triangle, from end to end of the eye. I like to wait 5 minutes before blurring it because it lasts longer, said Espinal about how she uses the concealer in Rihanna.

The stylist also confessed that all the products she applies to the singer are used after moisturizing her skin: “something essential is to use a wet sponge to apply the base. Apply it and just after it seals or if it is not going to crack during the day.

One of the most important points referred to by Espinal was the importance of highlighting the natural brightness of the one born in Barbados, to which she assures that she uses “a sponge dampened with cold water, to lower the base”.