“I’m Salty”: Danna Paola Would Reveal the Reason She Is Doing Badly in Love

Danna Paola, Mexican singer and actress

Danna Paola uploaded a controversial image to her Instagram account where she says it is salty, the same situation began to create questions in her fans

Danna Paola is one of the artists of the moment because at 24 she has belonged to great plays, series and as a singer.

In social networks, the judge of La Academia has 16 million followers, who are always on the lookout for Mexican publications,

It was through an image that the Mexican singer pointed out that she has bad luck, the same in which she posed under a ladder, superstition that one has about giving bad luck if one passes under it.

The Mala Fama interpreter said: “Pass under a ladder. To cross a ladder is to desecrate the sacred and attract bad luck. I’m salty. “

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