“What Did You Do to Yourself?”: Ninel Conde Alarms Again When Looking Unrecognizable in Photo

Ninel Conde, famous actress and singer

Ninel Conde shared a new photo on her Instagram account in which she looks unrecognizable and alarmed her followers

Mexico City.- Ninel Conde once  again alarmed her social media  followers after sharing a snapshot in which her body looks unrecognizable.

Through her official Instagram account, the so-called  ‘Bombón Asesino’  published a photo in which she appears posing semi-dressed while wearing a fitted white dress that highlights her small waist.

However, what stands out in this image is that Ninel’s face looks strange and several of her fans quickly let him know.

What’s wrong with you Ninel? High!”.

It doesn’t even look like it anymore. “

No mam…”.

A lot of retouching in the photo. “

What happened to his lips? “

It should be noted that less than a week ago Ninel had already become a trend in networks after appearing completely different in a video and many said it would become “the new Lyn May “ for its multiple surgeries.