“Don’t Judge Me”: Jacqueline Bracamontes Confessed Which Actor Gave Her Best Kiss. Rogue!

Jacqueline Bracamontes

The actress even apologized to her colleague’s wife.

Jaqueline Bracamontes rose to fame by winning the Nuestra Belleza México contest in 2000, and subsequently participating in the Miss Universe 2001.

Returning to her native country, the Mexican actress dedicated herself to work as a model and also to a breakthrough in the world of acting.

Since then, she has won the affection of many and has shown that she is a great artist, thanks to her various roles in soap operas.

The protagonist of “Spell” has had the opportunity to exercise alongside renowned colleagues, and share with them more than the stage.

During her artistic career, she has had to kiss a few on-screen gallants: Jaime Camil, Eduardo Santamarina, Guy Ecker, and William Levy, and of course there is one that stands out among the rest.

The television host also confessed: “I did several soap operas, I had several protagonists, and the one that best kisses is Guy Ecker (…) Please Estela (Ecker’s wife), don’t judge me.”

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Laughing, and after such an unexpected revelation, Jacky Bracamontes apologized to the couple in the soap opera couple, with whom he has a good friendship and as colleagues.