Love Is Over! Pamela Anderson Separated From Her Husband Just Twelve Days From the Wedding, Amazing!

Pamela Anderson

The couple decided to step aside.

About twelve days ago, Pamela Anderson had married for the fifth time. On this occasion, she did it with a 74-year-old American film producer, Jon Peters. But apparently love lasted very little.

Perhaps, the life of the famous actress could be typical of a Hollywood movie script, since a few days after being married, she decided to separate from her partner.

Although they failed to formalize the legal proceedings of the marriage union, Pamela Anderson issued a statement for the magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”, to confirm that she separated from Peters.

“We have decided by mutual agreement to postpone the formalization of our marriage certificate and put our faith in this process. Thank you for respecting our privacy, ” the 52-year-old actress had communicated.

It must be remembered that on January 20 it had been the celebration of the marriage between the actress of “Guardians of the Bay” and the famous film producer.

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This surprising news has turned the world since Pamela Anderson’s last marriage failed to exceed twelve days. The funny thing is that the couple was 22 years apart and Peters says she was always in love with her.

“For 35 years I’ve only loved Pamela, ” said Jon Peters. In addition, she commented that since she saw her with 19 years, she knew that the actress would be a great star.