Nicki Minaj Presumes Rearguard in Military Short and Instagram ‘Goes Crazy’

The 37-year-old singer Nicki Minaj

Singer Nicki Minaj is not shy when it comes to sharing her attributes with the millions of followers she has on Instagram, so she did not hesitate to upload some photos of her abundant ass

Los Angeles, USA.- In addition to her talent in rap, it cannot be denied that Nicki Minaj has a more than a surprising body, which she recently boasted on her Instagram account with various photographs.

These are several galleries where the famous 37-year-old shows without fear her rugged curves from a balcony wearing tight dresses with indiscreet necklines. 

But the most prominent publication is where she wears a short and a military top and that thanks to the reflection of the window her enormous rear-view was exposed to the delight of her loyal fans.

In addition to uploading hot photos, she also publishes videos where she dances and poses with daring attire, which has earned him a whopping 110 million followers on Instagram.