Young, Millionaire and Technology Expert: Who Is Lady Gaga’s New Boyfriend?

Lady Gaga

They showed up together in the Super Bowl.

Lady Gaga is in love. A year after her breakup with Cristian Carino, and after being related to several men, the singer returned to show up with a new boyfriend. 

His name is Michael Polansky, and although they have been seen together for a couple of months, yesterday the interpreter of ” Bad Romance “ decided to show up in public during the Super Bowl.

Even during the party before the sporting event, the young man was seen while talking with Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, in the VIP lounge.

According to the American media Page Six, Polansky and  Gaga met at one of the parties often organized by Sean Parker in his mansion in Los Angeles (California).

Parker is one of the owners of Facebook and the singer’s new love works for him in the administration of his companies. 

Page Six says that “he is a very smart, very serious boy”, who likes to keep a low profile. It is also known that he is an investor and entrepreneur received at Harvard University.

Although the appearance in the Super Bowl was the first in which they appeared together before the public, the truth is that Gaga and Polansky were seen in Las Vegas during the New Year’s celebrations and even caught them kissing in the house that the singer Rent in Miami.