From Dressing Rooms of ‘Falling in Love’, ‘La Bebeshita’ Sports Heart Attack Hips

From dressing rooms of 'Falling in love', 'La Bebeshita' sports heart attack hips

Falling in love with Daniela Alexis, better known as ‘La Bebeshita’, shared a sexy image with an extravagant costume

Mexico City.- The Enamorándonos participant, Daniela Alexis, better known as ‘ La Bebeshita ‘, shared a sexy image with an extravagant costume, from the show’s dressing rooms.

The image shows Daniela Alexis, wearing her sculptural abdomen with a shiny golden ‘outfit’, which captivates her own and strangers.

Have fun even with punishments and take the good side of things and smile at life, ”he wrote.

At the moment, her last post has seven thousand 716 ‘ likes’, in addition to 103 comments, in which compliments are read and compliments towards its beauty.