Safety Pin! Kim Kardashian Showed Inside Her $ 25 Million Mansion

Kim Kardashian

Luxury and glamor surround the model and businesswoman.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed what their mansion looks like inside and the truth is that it is as beautiful as it is incredible. 

During an interview with a magazine specialized in architecture, the model opened the doors of her house to show the world where she spends her days.

When they bought it, Kim and Kanye’s splendid abode cost about $ 20 million, but now it’s worth a few more.

They met her in 2013 while walking with her little North and instantly decided to buy her. After four years of millions of renovations, the businesswoman and her husband decided that it was time to release it and in 2017 they moved with the whole family.

As a detail, Kim says that one of the changes they made was to turn the two pools that the mansion had into one, which in addition to being huge has a system that heats the water, so they also use it like a jacuzzi.

The striking thing is that of all the luxuries that the house owns, the influencer’s husband loves the bathroom. He says his form and appearance seem really great. It is worth noting that this part of the house is built with glass walls …

Despite the luxuries, Kim Kardashian explains that they always sought to make a good home for their children, so they allow them to run around and play everywhere.