They Make a Terrible Accusation Against Jlo for Their Outfit in the Super Bowl. Is That True?

Jennifer Lopez

The singer has received many criticisms on social networks.

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show has given a lot to talk about, and Jennifer Lopez and Shakira offered a hard-to-forget show.

The American singer and her Colombian colleague not only dazzled with their performances but also for how well they stay at 50 and 43 years old, respectively.

However, JLo faces a serious accusation by PETA, the renowned entity that advocates for animal rights.

In its Instagram account, the non-profit organization ensures that the flag that the “ Diva del Bronx ” wore during its presentation was made with feathers of real birds, which “did not need to die for this flag to fly”.

The message had a great impact on social networks, and Twitter users quickly began to criticize and defend A-Rod’s fiance, in equal parts. Tremendous controversy!

However, Mariel Haenn, one of the stylists of the Versace brand, creator of the garment, explained: “The layer has 40,000 red, blue and white feathers, which were assembled individually (…) All are of origin ethical”.

For her part, Jennifer Lopez has not uttered any word about it, more than to publicly thank Donatella Versace and her team, for designing the dazzling outfits she wore in the final NFL game.