“He Likes Me”: Camila Cabello Looks Affectionate With a Companion; It’s Not Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello uploaded a photo to her Instagram account in which she appears very delighted with the company she had, who also gave her a kiss

The United States .- Camila Cabello uploaded a controversial photo to her Instagram account in which she looked very happy, but what impacted was her message.

I think he likes me, ”was what the young singer of 22 years put in the post on the image of her Instagram.

It is a brown horse with which she posed, a situation that drove her fans crazy by pointing out that she looked like a horse queen beside the animal which was very cute and that she was very fond of. 

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i think he likes me!!!!

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The users of the social network are aware of what the Cuban writes and publishes because days ago she said she sometimes wants to get away from the show to have space for herself. 

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hello!!!! usually when I take these breaks from social media, it’s cause I need some space or time away from it – I think it’s healthy to know when you need time for yourself- that’s been my biggest thing I’ve worked on this year so far is to listen to my intuition and what my mind and body need!!!! When I feel overwhelmed or overstimulated I’m like…. ok I need to give myself a little room to slow down. but I miss and love you guys!!!! I’m in London right now working on Cinderella and I’m having the time of my life TBH ? here’s a picture behind the scenes of a music video that’s coming out very very soon… how are you guys doing?! How’s life!! How are your hearts! I’ll read some of the comments and reply ??????

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