Selena Gomez Returned to an Activity She Was Doing With Justin Bieber Do You Miss It?

Selena Gomez

The American left her problems in the past.

Having known success at such an early age is sometimes counterproductive, this is what happened to singer Selena Gomez, who went through different imbalances in her life.

However, the artist has recently expressed that having ended her relationship with singer Justin Bieber, was the best decision she could have made since it has marked a before and after in her heart.

Selena’s life was immersed in constant depressions that made her go through rehabilitation after in 2018 her love and Bieber’s love ended, who immediately committed herself to what is still his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

A few days ago, the actress resumed a custom she often performed with the Canadian, but now she does it with her bodyguards and another company.

Through a video that went viral quickly, Selena is riding a bicycle accompanied by a friend, this has raised hundreds of rumors that claim she has a hidden message.

The artist goes with her friend and escorted by a vehicle. Many fans have assured that it is a hint for Justin since it was one of the activities they performed together.

After having gone through so many declines and depressions, Selena Gomez said she feels stronger, that force was what led her to publish her album “Rare”, an album that channels the worst moments of her relationship with Bieber.