The Family Increased! the “Resident Evil” Actress Welcomes Her Third Daughter in the Networks

Milla Jovovich

His name is Osian Lark Elliot.

If we talk about action movies, it is hard not to remember Milla Jovovich, the actress who faced zombies and all kinds of evil creatures in the adaptation of the video game “Resident Evil”.

Anyway, not everything is action in the life of the famous Ukrainian actress, since she stands out in other areas. In addition to acting, she is a model, singer, film director, fashion designer, and businesswoman.

A few days ago, Milla Jovovich had reappeared on social media to deliver a very important announcement. The wait is over and she announced that her third daughter was born.

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Sexy mama on the school run pose???‍♀️ So here’s an update pic of my pregnancy, I’m 9 weeks away from dropping and it’s getting more and more difficult to get around, but I’m happy to say so far everything looks great with the baby and she’s coming right on schedule! I’ve gained pretty much the same amount of weight that I always gain (about 50lbs. So far ?) but it just goes to show that your body will do whatever it’s meant to do regardless. Saying that i haven’t been exercising during this pregnancy like I did with the last, but I’m also being super paranoid and just really careful not to do anything that could potentially put me at risk of miscarriage. Anyway, the plus side is my mama boobs are back which is fun for a girl who’s always been flat as a board, so I’m enjoying the moment while it lasts! Sending everyone lots of love mid week and I hope you’re having a good one. Just a few more days till the weekend so take a deep breath, we’ll get there!????? xo m❤️

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Last Sunday the family of the Ukrainian model received the best news, giving birth to their third daughter, Osian Lark Elliot. In this way, the clan she formed with the director and British film producer, Paul WS Anderson, is expanded.

A few hours after birth, the protagonist of Resident Evil showed her joy in her official Instagram account with several photographs that welcome the new family member.

However, Milla Jovovich acknowledged that her initial intention was to wait a while to make the birth public. But her eldest daughter, Ever, came forward and frustrated the surprise since she shared it before without consulting him.

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Hey Everyone!!! So without my knowledge @evergaboanderson spilled the beans on the new baby yesterday ???‍♀️? which makes this “old news” but anyway, at 8:56am on 02/02/2020 our baby girl Osian Lark Elliot Jovovich-Anderson was born! Osian is a welsh boy’s name and it’s pronounced O-shin. Now I know the name is long, but the family couldn’t agree on her middle name. Ever and my mom wanted Lark, @dashielanderson and I wanted Elliot. Then my husband Paul chimes in with another vote for Lark, so Smushy and I were out numbered ?! At least she has many names to choose from later in life if she wants to drop a few. She’s so beautiful! Her hair is lighter than the other girls was and she’s very strong. Her little hands get in the way and they’re hard to control and she’s already lifting her head up to see what’s going on! She’s our miracle baby and we’re all so grateful to have her and completely obsessed with her!! I will obviously post more pics later, but we are all exhausted because the last few nights have been crazy! I send you all so much love from the cloud I’m flying on!!! Xoxo m❤️☁️✨⚡️⭐️?☄️ #osianlarkelliot

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After the post that her daughter made, the Ukrainian artist decided to tell some details and explained why each name: “Osian is a name of Scottish origin that we all liked, Lark was proposed by Ever and my mother, to which added my husband Paul. Elliot was chosen between my daughter Dashiel and me. ”