Dazzling! Georgina Rodríguez Had Her Big Night at the San Remo Festival

Georgina Rodríguez

CR7 cheered and celebrated from the front row.

Georgina Rodríguez had her big night at the San Remo Festival and finally managed to conquer Italy with a performance that had several stages.

Although the model was somewhat nervous in some passages of her presentation at the biggest music festival in the country, she managed to successfully overcome each of her appearances.

Georgina’s debut on the most demanding stage in Italy had passages of humor and tenderness, and although she was at the level of the demands at all times, her best was seen near the end when she dared to dance the tango.

With an absolutely black look, the model left thousands of spectators open-mouthed when dancing Roxanne, from the soundtrack of the movie Moulin Rouge.

Anyway, despite her Argentine ancestry, Georgina later recognized that it was the first time she was dancing the tango. He even said that Cristiano Ronaldo had “helped and corrected these days at home.”

As expected, the model’s boyfriend and presenter, the fantastic CR7, did not go unnoticed. Sitting in the front row, she applauded and celebrated with a huge smile every appearance of her and even participated in the show at various times.

Georgina had had her first experience as a presenter during the last edition of the MTV awards, although at that time she did not have as many appearances as in San Remo. Without a doubt, the influencer knew how to take advantage of her presentation at the Festival and, now, all of Italy surrenders at her feet.